Dani Oliva’s Entertainment Experience

As a teenager, Dani Oliva was deeply involved in the global music scene, participating in guerrilla marketing efforts for labels such as: SUB POP Records, Kill Rock Stars, Sudden Death Records, and many more. At age seventeen Dani attended the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. Inspired, Dani adapted the award show model to[…]

Don’t (Dis)band! A Short Guide to Band Partnership Agreements

Published via HuffPost: CLICK     For more information on band partnership agreements and a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Dani Oliva. This website is to be viewed with the understanding that neither the lawyers nor employees of The Law Offices of Dani Oliva are engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional[…]

Making It In Music: It’s Who You Know

The Huffington Post – Making It In Music: It’s Who You Know “You start with one person. And if you can get one person to really like you and your band, I mean gush over you like a 13-year-old over One Direction… then, one will become two, two will become three, three will become four…”[…]